Jim Jim Flanagan 5 star – Serious trainer with serious results.. If you are looking for someone to tell you you’re training great when you aren’t don’t go to Mark. If you want someone to push you to get what you want

Rachel Coffey 5 star Morning Mark!!!!!
Just to say a MaHOOOOSIVE thank you for everything & helping me push my guts! There were tears on some days well more than some days, but I’m a natural born emotional wreck baggage (poor Conor eh!)
Anyhoooo, the wedding dress was taken in more today WHOOOHOOO & I love it; so thank you; you’re just brilliant! X

Serene Art 5 star Mark is greatly helping me change my attitude in what I’m eating he simplified for me and explains the changes I must make in a very non complicated way,along with his exercise plan he is putting me through,I’m really enjoying this new challenge for myself under marks guidance.

Daryl Smith5 star Attended marks boot camp this morning highly recommended if you need a motivated fat burning workout

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