Mark O’Callaghan Fitness

My programmes are tailored for you and I’ll work with you to find the right solution to ensure your success.

I focus on educating my clients. Bad form equals bad physique, plain and simple. Exercising incorrectly can cause you time, money and expose you to injuries. I share my two decades of experience with every client. I will teach you perfect form so you achieve a balance in strength, endurance and tone. With my insight and analysis I focus on educating my clients so that they will achieve their exercise and nutrition goals.

I will teach you how to exercise with maximum impact and minimum time commitment.

I focus on results. The key focus is on achieving measurable and achievable results while being very honest with clients about their personal goals, and with what actions they need to take to achieve those goals.

  • Katheryn Winnick
    Katheryn Winnick

I don’t train people for fun or to make them sweat – I train people to change their bodies, nutrition and lifestyle.

For me to be successful in changing lives, I become an expert on my clients’ bodies, lifestyle and psychology through patience, tenacity and empathy. I provide personal training for weight loss, body sculpting, and toning. I also provide boot camp training at my Dublin facility. I do everything I ask my client to do so I know how hard it is to start off first hand.


We all had to start somewhere…


No matter what your dreams, goals, hopes are desires are, any destination usually involves a journey.

The new you lies just ahead. Increased health and happiness are guaranteed. I will be by your side the entire way to ensure you know exactly where you are heading and how to get there.

All you need to do is take the first step…